Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thinking Determines Experience

I have always lived under the adage that my thinking determines my experience. I learned this as a young child, and have always known that I had the power to create whatever I wanted in life by keeping a close watch on what thoughts I was believing, and also by keeping my attention on what I intended to have or accomplish, and giving no heed at all to what I did not want in my life. I've observed that most of us spend more time thinking about what we don't want, than what we would like to have, be or do. I've also observed that I always get what my attention is on. Everyone has the natural, innate power to think whatever s/he wants to think, but this actually requires far more effort than it does to think the thoughts which are suggested by appearances. To think and believe what we see is easy. To think and believe the truth, regardless of appearances, is quite the task, but once one learns how to find her truth, peace ensues and creativity abounds.

If we would like our life situations to go in a certain way, we must first think about what is really true, regardless of the circumstances. For example, I can get all caught up in the hub-bub of this apparent economic crisis. I can read about it in all the papers, listen to everyone's tales of woe of how it's effecting them, etc., and if I'm not watchful and don't question those thoughts that I'm taking in, regardless of what appears to be, all sorts of fear and lack and worry can start to bombard my thinking. Stress begins to loom, and then look out, suddenly the money's not flowing, the bills aren't getting paid, I can't seem to afford anything anymore, and I'm broke! Aghhhh! I think to myself, 'How did this happen?' It happened, because I wasn't paying attention to the validity of the thoughts that I was holding onto. They went unquestioned and ran rampant! If I stay mindful, when suggestions of lack or dis-ease bombard me, I can question them, and then I can pivot my thinking right then and there, and give my attention to the abundance that is all around me. I can think about apple trees that are loaded with apples in the Fall, and how all the apples on the tree have seeds that can produce hundreds more trees and thousands more apples. Nature has no sense of lack. It is constantly pouring forth it's magnificent bounty, and I can choose to focus my attention on that. To pay attention to the appearances of poverty or dis-ease, will always produce corresponding forms in my own mind, unless I pivot my thoughts and hold to the truth of the reality of abundance, wealth, and health.

There's nothing that responds faster to our thought patterns than our physical bodies. Focus on looking for disease in the body, and guess what you'll find? Focus on knowing that health is our innate, natural state of being, and health we'll see. Pay attention to all the beauty that life is brimming with, and beauty will abound. Try this for yourself. Question the thoughts you're believing that are stressful to you. Keep your mind on what makes you feel really good, because then you are aligning with who you are, and what you are intending to create, and the Infinite Organizing Power of All That Is will always say YES! to you.

Expect Good!!

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