Thursday, April 2, 2009

Creativity vs Competiton

Every desire we have is the determination of an unmanifested possibility to come into action. It is the natural inherent impulse of life to seek to live more expansively, to enlarge itself, and of consciousness to extend it's boundaries and express itself more fully. The impelling motive of nature is the increase of life. The very nature of Nature is for the advancement of life. The universe is an immense living presence, constantly moving toward more life and a broader capacity to function. For this cause, everything that could possibly assist life is bountifully provided. The desire for wealth is simply the capacity for greater life seeking fulfillment. The Intelligent Organizing Power (aka the Source of our Being), wants us to make the most of ourselves - to be expansive, to be unlimited, to increase every part of our experience. Substance is for all. It is equally in all. It does not take things away from one person and give to another. We are here to create - to be creative and creators. We are not here to compete for what has already been created.

When I am creative, my life increases, and everyone I come into contact with is increased also. When I come from creativity I not only get what I want, but as I acquire my desires, every other man will also have more than he has now. A creative mind sees no reason for hoarding, nor has any notion that supply is limited. The creative mind understands that the universe is friendly, naturally abundant, and always for us.

A competitive mind lives in exclusion, doors shut, supply is limited, there is not enough, and it sees things and people as right and wrong, good and bad, rich and poor. Wealth secured on the competitive plane is never satisfactory nor permanent. A competitive mind is afraid that it will lose what it wants, because someone else will 'beat him to it'. The creative mind knows this cannot possibly happen, because it does not seek anything that is possessed by anyone else, but is actually causing what it wants to be created from 'thought', or the formless Substance of the universe.

I choose creativity, expansion, and increase for all. Create life! No need to compete for it!

To creative, conscious living,


  1. Nice article and very well put. I've chosen creativity all along. :-)

  2. Thank you, Ingrid! Have a beautiful, fun-filled day! XOXOXOX

  3. Thoughts expressed through a creative mind, are like seeds on fertile soil: They are both life supporting. Thoughts weaving through a mind not yet associated with creativity, can be like seeds on dry sand.

    Life is an equal opportunity employer. A seed that sprouts is as fully endowed with life as any other no matter its environment. Which proves what you have said: Plants do not compete for life. They are fully invested with life no matter any apparent stratification or competition.

    In the real world, there is no such thing as half a life. A man with no arms, legs, and/or lacking visual, auditory, lingual, olfactory, or sensory ability, in a jail on a sinking ship is no less imbued with life than any other man. The presence of life demonstrates a wealth of living.