Monday, May 4, 2009

Doing Only What You Love

The following quote is from Abraham-Hicks, and it ties into my topic of Doing Only What You Love:

"You can't see things that are right under your nose when you've been beating the drum that is different from what you are wanting.
It's amazing how things come into place when you use the power of the Laws of the Universe and stop believing you create through the mundane, mediocre, not-very-powerful-at-all action that you muster by dragging your body from place to place. Your action was never meant to be the way you create your reality. The action was the way you meant to ENJOY the reality you created through the alignment of thoughts." San Francisco 8/10/08

I love this! I was just having a discussion with a friend of mine about how beautiful this world would be if everyone only did what they loved doing. She disagreed, and commented that if she didn't make her kids do things they didn't want to do, they would never learn how to be responsible. This to me is someone who is ruling their lives, children, etc., with fear, and of course, where there is fear love is buried. Not doing what you love, but doing things out of obligation, and/or a false sense of responsibility creates stress for ourselves and those who share our space. This weekend she was insisting all of her children help with planting a garden. One of her kids is not that interested in getting her hands dirty. This child, however, is constantly creating beauty around her. My friend was angry and stressed out that her daughter was not helping with the garden, insisting that she had to learn that she must contribute to the food supply of the family to be a responsible family member. It was not a pleasant weekend for them. I suggested that while this girl maybe didn't particularly love getting dirty, that maybe given her interests she might be in charge of making the table beautiful for the family when they sit down to eat. If she's into cleanliness, doing the dishes may be her happy contribution. Love does make the world go 'round, and love does it so beautifully, and without stress!

Teaching responsibility by making our children do something that they do not love, creates children and adults who are not only unhappy, but usually not very responsible. What do you think the world would be like if everyone only did what they truly loved doing?


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