Monday, May 4, 2009

Want Excellent Healthcare?

I have to get up on my soapbox here, and say a few words about what seems to be confusing to a lot of people. It seems that healthcare in this country , and around the world, is a highly sought after commodity, and yet the way most people try to procure health seems to go in the complete opposite direction to where health lies. In order to heal, it seems to me that it makes more sense to stimulate LIFE in the body, and yet most people believe it's necessary to kill something off in their bodies before health can prevail. Not much on this planet thrives by annihilation, but where life is nourished, nurtured, and supported flourishing happens! Fear, which is the root cause of all disease, breeds the desire to eradicate rather than stimulate. Fear shuts down, belittles, disallows. Love (fear's opposite) supports, expands, calms, includes, and allows.

When one is not feeling 'right', the tendency of most people is to go looking for what is wrong. How many people go to a physician for help, and ask them to find all the things in their bodies that are working normally - properly, and then put their attention on all these marvelous functions, giving support to the trillions of cells that are doing their jobs in alignment with the infinite organizing power? People usually go to physicians to seek out disease. The doctors do scores of tests, put all their energy and focus into finding what is wrong, and then when the physicians find something, they name it, concentrate on it, pay so much attention to it that it can do nothing but manifest into reality, and then after creating it, turn their attention on attempting to annihilate it with knives, drugs, suffocation, poisons, etc.

If we want to support and have truly competent healthcare, then my suggestion would be to honestly put our attention on health and well being, to stimulate more life in our bodies, minds and spirit, and stop focusing on thinking we must kill something in order to live and be healthy. What we put our attention on becomes our reality. It would do us all well, to listen to our inner guidance systems, to make our highest priority each day be to feel good, because when we feel good we are in alignment with who we really are - with the health of our being, with life itself. Do what you love, question any stressful thoughts you are believing, and experiment for yourself. Taking other people's word as gospel, blindly believing in some so-called 'scientific study', or looking for something outside of one's self to save them only keeps one duped, scared and feeling powerless. The world would like us to believe that we are not smart enough, or authorized enough to know ourselves - to know what we need, or how to take care for every aspect of ourselves. No one, no matter how much education they have had, can possibly know you better than you do yourself. This, of course, requires trusting oneself, knowing oneself, and questioning what we are believing to see if something everyone believes is true for us or not!

When you hear about someone who has some dreaded disease, the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself is to stop thinking you could be next! That suggestion of disease can belong to them if they want it, but it can't touch you unless you allow it in. If you don't want it, for heaven sakes don't accept it! You can't catch something from someone else, you can only invite it in, and claim it for yourself. Fear is the source and fuel of all disease! If you would honestly like to put a halt to the spread of disease, then stop fearing and spreading the suggestions of disease. The media loves spreading suggestions of disease and does a plethora of this daily. Mysterious diseases do not come out of the woodwork and attack us. They begin with rumors of some evil - lies believed and spread and fueled by fear. Actually, the only thing in this universe that is contagious is Love and laughter. Love, appreciate and accept the wonderful being that you are. Focus on what is right and good and healthy about you. That alone is a powerful life stimulator! Even if the only thing on your body that doesn't hurt is the tip of your little finger, then give that wonderful, pain free spot all of your attention, and watch the goodness and health spread. Or you can give all of your attention to one spot of disease, and watch that grow. The choice is ours. Benefit us all and choose to focus on life!

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  1. Jacki - I love this post :) I am thrilled to have come across you through my sweet Pure Jeevan. Blessings!