Friday, February 19, 2010


Hi everyone!

I have been busy cleaning with Ho'oponopono, angel readings, mothering, and intending the Highest Good for all concerned.

I offer assistance to anyone who desires more acceptance and support in their lives. I provide inspirational support and facilitation for anyone desiring to learn to clean out old data, seeking a beautiful, happy life through questioning their beliefs, eating raw food, and intending their highest good.

You are not your story! With the aid of the Archangels, nature angels, and spirit guides, and learning to be 100% responsible for everything you experience in your life, I can help you separate fact from fiction, and get you back into alignment with who you really are. You don't have to believe in the angels or me, we believe in you - in who you really are!

Without exception, that which you give thought and emotion to determines your experience. I will show you how you can get everything you want out of life, by focusing on your desires, and giving less attention to what you do not want, and help bring balance and clarity to your life.

Discovering how your thinking determines your experience, will help you see beauty in everything!

If you would like some assistance, please leave me a message here, visit me on Facebook, or contact me at my email address:
I work on a donation basis... We can not give without receiving, and we never get something for nothing.

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