Friday, September 10, 2010

Notes about Unschooling

Unschooling is kind of a catch-all phrase that sometimes means reversing the affects of schooling by not going that route anymore, or in our case, never having done schooling in any traditional form. My daughter has always learned everything she needs to know from just simply living life every day. We tried a couple times (when we weren't in our right minds...) to sit down and try and cram a few things into her little head, only to the result of staunch rejection by her (she being smarter at those times (as well as most times, than her parents!). When a child is between 0-12 years of age they will observe their parents very carefully and follow their lead. If you read to them, they will learn to read, if you drink from a cup, they will watch you and start drinking from a cup, as you're walking upright on two feet, they get the idea, and eventually as their muscle coordination develops will stand up and take a few steps. This goes on with everything - writing, problem solving, the science of nature and everything around us - is all facilitated and learned by the design of living within it all. There is no need to artificially put a child in an institutional building with a couple of books, and cram them full of so-called 'facts' so that they will "grow up to be someone someday!" Children come into this world fully loaded - not empty vessels that need filling! They are our teachers. They push us ahead to the next level, and the best way to thwart that process is to imprison them for 12 years (usually longer), making them pay attention to things that they may not at all be interested in, which keeps them from being who they are, keeps them so tied up with doing things that others think they should be doing, that they lose all sense of themselves, they forget their passion, their very being is undermined for the sake of the "holding tank" - keeping them off the streets, and out of the work place for a period of time so as not to saturate the corporate world. School seems to be a creation of the "World Order" or 'World Oder', as I like to call it, to create robots that will take orders, follow directions without thinking about what they are doing or why, and are good little followers/slaves to the rulers and corporate monopolies. Keeping them from having time to develop their own passions, keeps the world slaves in the monetary system, health-care system, and all the other systems of ad nauseum. Schooling your children at home - making them go through the same processes as if they were in school - curriculums, etc., is no better. It's still the adult believing they know what is in the child's best interest. Ha! Never going to happen! If everyone followed their passion - were allowed to follow and do what they loved, the world would be taken care of beautifully. I see so many children on drugs in our town. Bright children, talented children who are now walking around like zombies with the life sucked out of them. It's so hard to watch, when there are other ways. Unschooling is about trusting. Trusting your child's innate intelligence, trusting life, trusting yourself to allow what is. Trusting the intelligence of the Universe!


  1. I wholeheartedly agree!! Love this!