Friday, January 24, 2014

Love, Eat, Live

Eating is such an individual thing. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for everyone. Listening to the body you seem to live in, and determining what feels right for you is more important than taking anyone else's word for it - no matter how much "scientific" study has gone into the conclusion.  Taking an active role in one's health, becoming more aware of what is true for you, will do more for one's well-being than any insurance, or ObamaFakeCare, or drugs, or doctor visits could ever do. Listen to your body. It will always tell you the truth. It's a truth teller and a lie detector! You are closer to your physical apparatus than any doctor on the planet ever could be. So do not take anyone's word that one thing is better than another. You be the judge. You take responsibility. It is not beyond your realm of intelligence or education degree. You know how things feel inside, you know what stresses you and what eases that stress, and you have the power to learn what might work better for you - more intelligently than something else. 

I don't believe sugar causes anything - good or bad - except what we believe it causes. Everyone has been told that sugar causes dental caries and inflammation, or that brushing one's teeth will prevent dental decay. Not really so. I've brushed the hell out of my teeth all my life, flossed, etc., and still the decay can pop up, and all I've accomplished is receding gums. If brushing for prevention was true, every wild animal on the planet would have tons of dental decay (they don't). It depends on who one is - what thoughts they are believing about themselves as they eat whatever they eat, or live however they live. Is love involved in the eating, preparing, in the overall care of the physical apparatus, or is there stress, and undo hate for oneself??  This all plays a major role in dis-ease, as well as digestion, assimilation, elimination. 

I prefer a paleo/primal lifestyle. A paleo/primal way of eating focuses on real food - nothing processed, not much sugar (raw honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup), no grains, grass-fed meat, eggs, fat - coconut oil, ghee, butter, duck fat... fat - REAL fat, no transfat. I feel good eating this way. I was a raw vegan foodie for years, and it served me well for a time - it seems to be a great cleansing lifestyle.

So eating simply - whole, real unprocessed food- exercise, and more importantly, loving, accepting and appreciating life, I find keeps me happy and healthy. 

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